Open Data Science Conference – San Francisco 2015

A while ago a friend of mine raised the idea of attending ODSCWest.  At first I thought that conferences and such wouldn’t be that interesting or useful for me but when reviewing the info about the workshops it turned out maybe I would be interested after all.  So here I am sitting in NCal a day early getting things sorted out and ready to go.

There will be many somewhat interesting talks, lots of data professionals and cool things to learn.  Mostly I’m interested in the workshops – two days full of workshops and hands on experience with data science tools and programs.  A couple that I am most excited about are Intro to Text Analytics and Intro to Text Mining.  Both of these are very much along the lines of what I am working on personally and I hope that I will learn some techniques and gain a bit more insight about how the industry is moving.

Of the talks, and besides the keynotes, there are some great topics including things about crowd sourcing data collection, data analytics for the common good, collecting and analyzing open local government data.  I’ll be attending some of these if I can.  It feels to me that local government data analytics would be a great niche to work in.