Radio Internals Assembly

I have spent a couple hours over the past few days putting parts on the board.  Tiny, tiny parts.  Well the, components aren’t all that bad, it’s the little screws, washers and nuts that are hard.  First test run worked out super, LED lit up and I was receiving local stations perfectly.

Here are a few photos of the board with the air cap mounted to it.  This one wasn’t all that difficult.

Next some shots of the fully populated board.

There are a few problems beside the tiny screws and nuts.  Easy enough to overcome but worth mentioning.

  1.  Pg 15 of the manual has a couple of errors, an omission and an incorrect resistor marking.  There is to be a 1k resistor to the right of the 10n cap but there is no instruction to install it.  Also in the bottom half of the page it lists a 100ohm resistor as Red-Black-Brown which should say Brown-Black-Brown.  Easy enough to figure out.
  2. Most of the components went on just fine with the screws.  On one occasion I had a lead break off of the transistor when it was getting tightened.  Luckily there was enough lead left to redo it and have enough of the other two leads to reach.  This is a sort of a problem theme I think, because…
  3. On the attachment for the wires on the battery holder, the antenna and the audio jack I had the wires break off after having screwed them on.  Multiple times.  At the moment they are all intact, but I’m thinking if it happens again I’m just going to solder them.  I think the screws sort of cut the conductors right off or something.
  4. Wrapping the antenna wasn’t too difficult, the leads though  are a bit touchy and I’m hoping they won’t break off.

All in all, so far it’s still pretty sweet.  Next up is the mechanical assembly, the case and knob and all.


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