Heathkit Returns

A couple of years ago I found that Heathkit was staging some sort of comeback of sorts.  They had put up a web page, basically just a “keep checking here” sort of thing.  Inside the source was a link to a survey where they asked a bunch of questions about what people were interested in etc.  Info about it can be found elsewhere on the web.  One of the things they did was to collect up email addresses and have a sort of “insiders” mail list.  Not very much came out of that email but after a couple of years finally the insiders were invited to visit the site to check out their very first new kit in the 21st century.  It is just a simple, no solder, AM radio kit, no speaker, etc.  Price was a little hefty at $150 but I bit and the other day it arrived finally.

Boy is it a beauty.  I an not old enough to have had a Heathkit kit before (though I’m not young either), but I am aware of them and saw a few go together as a kid.


So far it seems as would be expected from what we hear and read.  Everything is really nicely done, the assembly/operation manual is overly complete with instructions needed as well as a bunch of theory and such.

So hopefully over the next several days or a couple of weeks I’ll be assembling and testing and making notes here as to my progress.

Here are a few more pics.




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