More details, more avenues

Having ran across an interesting blog post today somewhere else, I started to get a few more ideas for expansion of the little r script that I have been building and that opens up a few avenues that I can start to work down in more detail.  To start with I’m thinking about users who have tweeted.   Using my current searchTwitter (berniesanders) I am putting the results for that into a data frame and that is real nice as it columnizes a number of variables one of which is the screen name.  So with that it is not difficult to make a table of those with frequency of tweets in the pulled data to see the most frequent tweeters.  Presently for development of the program I am just pulling a small set of tweets, 250, but I think the plan is to expand this quite a bit so it will reach back some number of days.  I have read somewhere that the Twitter API only exposes like 7 days of tweets thru searchTwitter, but I also have found elsewhere a method of collecting tweets from a stream and storing them which seems like the thing to do ultimately.  With this, and keeping with the US 2016 Election theme I am thinking it will be an interesting project to look for users tweeting in some way about multiple candidates.  That seems like a good direction to go.


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