First output


It was a few days ago that I started this process.  I had from a while ago a twitter account set up and an app so I had all the keys codes and such.  One evening earlier this week I was able to connect and pull some data.  So I thought first thing would be to try to make a word cloud.  Through some trials and error I have managed such.  One of the main challenges I had was that it turned out that some of the tweets at the time have some oddball characters in them and that was causing stuff to choke and throw an error (error in simple_triplet_matrix….).  As usual the internet knows all the answers and I found somewhere that I could substitute those bad characters with nothing using   iconv(tweets, to = “utf-8-mac”, sub=””).   At first I didn’t have the -mac, didn’t know about it.   That was necessary for my program to succeed since I’m running it on a macbook.

Also, this cloud is cleaned a bit to remove some punctuation and some stop words as well as lowercasing everything, just basic functions available in the tm package.

Well, it’s a start of some sort.   I have managed to work out some mechanics and now can get down to the business of investigation.


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